¡ADELANTE JUNTOS! (Forward Together) Immigrant Justice Fund – managed by Pacific County Immigrant Support (PCIS) – defends and advances the legal status of Southwest Washington immigrants.

Our goal for 2023-2024 is $100,000 that will:

• Defend. From 2018-2022 dozens of Pacific County immigrants have faced arrest, detention or deportation due to their immigration status. ¡ADELANTE JUNTOS! connects ICE-impacted immigrants with qualified attorneys and pays part or all of legal and bond costs; and we provide Know Your Rights training. Our work keeps families together and stops deportations.

• Advance. ¡ADELANTE JUNTOS! helps eligible immigrants achieve work permits, U.S. citizenship or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewal. Citizenship brings access to power, the right to vote and serve on a jury. Since August 2022 PCIS helped seven immigrants become citizens, three more are on track by late 2023. PCIS provides citizenship and English Language Acquisition classes, and test preparation.  PCIS helps with cost of becoming a citizen, legal support and application fees.

PCIS assists and advocates for immigrants in Southwest Washington. PCIS demonstrates grassroots community power by mobilizing residents through education, engagement and advocacy to meet families’ basic needs. Since 2021 PCIS has brought over $2 million in financial resources to Pacific County to help immigrants through the pandemic and beyond.

FUNDRAISING PROGRESS: We have secured an initial $40,000 grant from the Legal Foundation of Washington. Our goal is $15,000 in community donations by end of 2023.

Donate online today!  Designate your gift to Adelante Juntos.

Or, make check payable to:

PCIS, Attn: Adelante Juntos
PO Box 156,
Long Beach WA 98631

www.pcisupport.org (888) 306-0547