Nazi Germany survivor, PCIS supporter speaks out

“I have no words for what is happening in our country, but it looks a lot like the horror that happened in Nazi Germany when I was a child.

I really didn’t think it could ever happen here. I remember hearing the explanation ‘It happens when good people do nothing.’  Please help. These immigrants that ICE picks up are being held in private prisons. Profit is the motive they are being incarcerated for, not any wrong doing on their part.”               

Why we support PCIS – local voices speak out

Like the majority of Americans we are appalled at the dangerous rhetoric and hurtful actions of the current administration. The attacks on civility and American values are relentless and shocking. Most specifically, the fear-mongering and demonization of “the other” (especially immigrants) has badly damaged the fabric of our country and encouraged us to turn against one another. 

The good news is that Americans of good will and decency are speaking up and taking action to counter the hateful words and actions. We are grateful for the courageous people who create organizations like PCIS, people who take a stand and take action to help those who are being attacked and harmed. 

Common decency and our shared humanity must be protected and nurtured . . . but it takes hard work and resources. We are humbled and honored to support the work being done by the folks at PCIS who are committed to “doing the right thing” and showing that America can be a nation that cares.